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  • Who is eligible to participate in “Jobs Waiting?”: Healthcare employers are seeking to hire highly motivated and skilled healthcare workers in the Hudson Valley region who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more with an interest in Healthcare jobs. This can include a broad range in occupations in health care, not just clinical based, but for example, Information Technology, Food Service, and Management positions. Prospective participants should have completed high school or equivalent and are a legal resident to be eligible. There are no degree limitations meaning a person could possess a graduate degree and participate.
  • When will the Jobs Waiting program begin?  The first step will be a Boot Camp planned for November 14, 2016 at Rockland BOCES. The Boot Camp provides specialized training and support services to prepare candidates to work in the healthcare sector. The Boot Camps offer one-on-one career counseling, professional skills assessment, career readiness workshops, financial planning, social media training, professional mentoring, business communication development, and opportunities to network with healthcare employers. The training location will be in Rockland County. We are still finalizing the training dates and time and we will get that update to you as soon as possible or you can call us at 845-406-6530.
  • Waiting - Commit. Train. Work.